Jun 27, 2011

Project Let's Make Sweaters that Fit Us

Since I started knitting with a vengeance a little over a year ago, I have made 54 different items. Only one of these was a sweater for me. The main reason for this is because as a plus size really tall woman, I am a bit of a fitting nightmare.

But, you know what? That is the reason I SHOULD be knitting for myself. Not many stores are going to market to a woman over 6 feet tall, much less a plus sized one.

So on Ravelry, I joined a number of groups for plus size knitters, and often what I found was that many of them were also knitting tons of socks and not many sweaters. Plus mittens, scarfs, all the stuff that does not need much fitting. The best group I found was one called Knitting at Large, which is a group "Dedicated to the proposition that all women deserve sweaters that fit
Through this group I found this book : Knitting Plus
Within the group, we started a knitalong for a very simple sweater called Banstead. This sweater is all in stockinette stitch with no cables, so we can concentrate on getting the fit right without having to work around major stitch design elements.

I have knit the first sleeve, and am halfway through the second. I knit on this project mainly while I wait for my son at school while he lifts weights for football. Today I worked on it in a lovely park while he was at conditioning camp. 06-27-11_1102.jpg by magscrafts
06-27-11_1102.jpg, a photo by magscrafts on Flickr.

By the way, Amy Herzog, over at Knit, Stash, Repeat is working on a project to try to make the measurements designers use for plus sizes more realistic. To do this she is asking us plus sized women to donate our measurements to a data base she is making.


me, Mavis said...

With the birth of Ravelry, knitters have moved into another realm of support. However, as you say, there is more work to be done especially for specific segments. Kudos to you for helping! Please be sure to post progress photos; I can't wait to see you in your finished design.

Maggie said...

The sizing up is just so complicated. For example, when I made my blue sweater, I just made the whole thing bigger than the size I was basing it on. When we do it this way, we end up with hue armholes and the sweater is big across the shoulders, because gaining weight does not make my shoulders farther apart.