Mar 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday- Premiere Edition

Periodically, I get a twinge of "oh hell, I haven't blogged in forever".  Then, just like when you avoid a friend because you have been negligent, I decide I don't know how to just start writing again.  I was inspired by today's post over on completely cauchy.  I decided I will blog onWednesdays about current works on progress (WIPs) or a recently finished object.

So, first let's take a peek at the current mania going on in my sock world.  I tend to start 2 pairs of socks every month- on for the knitalong (we have finished 12 of 19 pairs) and one for the Sock Knitters Anonymous group.  So the socks I am trying to finish up by the end of this month are:

This one is Stalagmite by Cookie A.  This one is about the most cable-y sock I've ever done and it is feeling a little tedious.  I am determined to finish though.

These are called Wonderland Socks (can you see the hidden kitty?) and were designed by Alice Bell.

Recently I completed a really fun shawl, called Taygete by Romi Hill.  This one was a gift for my sister in law.

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