Apr 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday- The Anti-sock edition

So, this story starts with the death of my dishwasher.  It had a long standing issue with turning itself off and needing to be reset about a quarter of the time.  Its death knell however involved filling up with murky dishwater and refusing to empty.  My guys put the washer in the van and I went to take it to the dump.  Here's the part where it relates to knitting:  I slashed my fingers trying to take the thing out of the van!

I am not talking mini cuts.  I would not be surprised if they hosed down the dump after I left.  You know its bad when the dump employees clean up after you.

Anyway, this happened with about 2 days left to my Stalagmite deadline. I had knit 12 pairs of socks by their deadlines, and it was really hard to give up the goal I had to knit everything in the book by the deadlines.  I have felt a real sense of relief since I gave up, though.  I knit for enjoyment, so why was I imposing all of these deadlines on myself?

So now I have been knitting NO socks for the past 2 weeks.  I have been knitting on my Artichoke Twist cardigan:


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me, Mavis said...

I am so happy that you liberated yourself! The cardi looks great.