Apr 23, 2012

Intrepid Knitting

Last week, I finished the body of my Artichoke twist sweater. It looked like this:

On Saturday,  my long case of denial ended, and I had to admit that I had made a mistake in how I did the decreases I added for fit.  Rather than ripping out the entire piece, some knitting friends with more experience than me suggested just dropping the stitches in question down and reknitting the column, fixing the decreases as I went.

So this morning I did this:

...and then I said EEEEK. 

But I have been knitting up, I have so far put about 11 rows back in. 

This is not my first sweater surgery.  A few months ago I fixed the sleeves on the first sweater I ever knit.  One day it looked like this:

But here is the before and after, and as you can see now I have a sweater I can wear.

I feel really quite fierce today.

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