May 9, 2012

WIP Wednesday-Radiate Begins

Some time ago, I purchased a big bad of Berocco Weekend yarn at an Annex sale at A Tangled Skein in Hyattsville, MD.  I bought all they had in a lovely pale pink,  with no clue what I might do with it.  I searched Ravelry repeatedly for a pattern and I kept coming back to one called Radiate.  It is knit top down, and I thought it would be easy to resize to fit me.

Fast forward to now- the Knitting at Large group on Ravelry decided to put together a team for the Ravelympics, and since our mandate is sweaters that fit us, we decided that would be our project/event.
We would knit in the WIP event, which is for finishing works in progress. There is also a rule that the project has to be dormant  between May 15 and the opening ceremonies.  So I needed to cast on something that I have a prayer of finishing- I immediately thought of Radiate.

So here is my Radiate so far.  This yarn really shows that I have a tension problem, but I am working on that and I hope it looks better after blocking.

For anyone wondering, my Artichoke Twist repair seems to have gone well and I am back to where I was before all of that madness started!

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