Apr 17, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

IMG_0032.jpg by magscrafts
IMG_0032.jpg, a photo by magscrafts on Flickr.
I bought this great set of yarns in December at Dancing Leaf Farm. Periodically, area artisans open up their studios, and I bought the yarn on such a tour. IT is called Biggie, and it is six different yarns all skeined together and then dyed all at the same time.

The colors are beautiful and rich. The textures are amazing. So I cast on back in December to make a shawl using as much as the yarn as I could. I started following the artisan's pattern,called Wrap it Up, Buttercup. Since I used larger than the specified needles, I ended up needing to improvise as I ran out of each of the yarns.

My version is called Oh Happy Day. The whole thing made me so happy. THe colors, the textures, the process of knitting. It was a great project to work on the help me get over my broken sock heart.

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Carolyn said...

It's beautiful...well done!