Jan 20, 2013

Hunting for my Mojo

Years ago, I remember hearing someone tell my mom she should sew for money.  She was a wonderful seamstress, and even made men's suits and color guard uniforms (and my wedding dress!). I remember her saying that if she sewed for money, she would lose the joy in it.  As much as my inner rebellious teenager hates to admit it, I think in a way she was right.

After I left my job in the biotech field, I decided to create my own side business, and sell items I made.  Honestly, some of the incentive was because I could not stand the awkward silences when people asked me what I did, and I said stay at home mom.

Things went ok for a while, but then my mom got sick and then passed away, and somehow after that I really lost the mojo to make stuff.  For some reason the only crafting that interested me was knitting.  This has gone on for years now.  I have recently been really thinking I want to rebuild my long neglected business.  I think this time I will make what pleases me and not worry about if something will sell or not.

I have been ramping up my sewing some.  I want to get back into quilting. I would not sell big quilts, maybe little art quilts but I would definitely sell small quilted accessories again, I did enjoy that. Anyway, to get back into the sewing routine, I am sewing along with different groups on the internet. On Craftsy I found a block of the month quilt class, the class project is a sampler quilt.  I have been collecting batiks fabrics for years, and holding them like they are too precious to use, but I decided to use them for this sampler quilt.

I made the January blocks today:

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