Jan 21, 2013

Something New Sampler

IMG_0864.jpg by magscrafts
IMG_0864.jpg, a photo by magscrafts on Flickr.
I saw online that there was going to be a Something New Sampler Blog Hop. I thought it would be fun to sew along. When I looked at my fabric, I found this lovely stack of hand dyed fabrics that I bought from North Country Fabrics. (Karen, if you read this and give me a shout, I will add your link, I just could not find it!)

The first block is a new twist on the old bargello patterns. All of the blocks will be 7x14 inches finished sizes. I am really enjoying following along, and it helped me find some great quilter's blogs!

Edited to add a link to WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.  Also, to ask any quilters that might read this- see how my white fabric is puckery?  Is that because it is too thin?  Would starching help do you think?


Marci Girl said...

Sometimes my fabric does that too, and I'm not 100% sure why, but being to thin could be the culprit. Or maybe a tension issue because the fabric is thinner? Lovely project!

Maggie said...

Since I am sewing right now to soothe my soul, I am just going to keep on keeping on and not be too fussy, but if I figure out the issue I can avoid it in the future.

Janine said...

Your block looks nice anyway. You might be able to press the puckers out. I don't know why they come but pinning might help if the thinner fabric is more slippery. You've reminded me I was going to join in this hop :)