Feb 21, 2013

Show Your Socks Feb 21, 2013

I was determined not to blog today, because today was going to be a day to clean my dining room.  But 1- my head hurts really bad so maybe I will just be satisfied with whatever I get done in there and 2- Judy at Patchwork Times asked us to show our socks, and she has on boring white socks so needed participation.

I woke up predawn this morning to take my kid to school and it was about 20 degrees out, so I pulled on a fluffy sweatshirt and put these wool socks on my feet:

If they look grey, that's because they are. The yarn is Gale's Art Sock in a colorway called Dark Matter.  The pattern is Wedge by Cookie A.  I think these socks fit me best of any I have ever knit.  If you don't like short rows, don't knit these though.


Harriett said...

Nice socks, I like the hint of blue in there too.

Dar said...

They look really warm and today I could use some here with our 5 inches of new snow and ice.