May 16, 2013

Really Random Thursday

I think it's funny that I feel like my mind is one big ball of randomness so much of the time, but when I want to post really random stuff, it goes blank!

I'm working on a blouse and holy cow, with all the alterations I need, I am ending up with Frankenpattern- I already used a whole roll of tape for this one pattern!  This is just the sleeve- the front body piece is totally unbelievable, but I am also somehow embarrassed to show it to you.

I finally got out my Sizzix BigKick the other day, and made little tags for my Hats for Sailors, and a couple of note cards.  Wow, it was so fun.  I have a plan in my head for a fun tote bag using fusible appliques cut on my Sizzix, but I am making myself finish the blouse first.

I got a case of startitis yesterday and cast on Dusk into Twilight by Romi Hill. It is a fun knit so far, and I keep thinking about using it as a starting point for some wardrobe sewing for Fall (in my little dream world where I just whip up garments and it doesn't require a whole roll of tape!)

Thanks to the FIOS guys, my teenager's first school free day involves jackhammers in the yard at 8am!

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Susan Owenby said...

Looking busy to me! We are up around 5:45, so the 8:00 wouldn't phase us too much; however, much after 8:00PM, we would be bonkers! :)

Live a Colorful Life said...

This is a good selection of randomness. I have to keep a list by my computer or else I forget all the random topics when Thursday rolls around.