Jun 26, 2013


Yes, it has been this kind of day. First, I planned to make bias binding for my pink Project Linus quilt.   I wanted to finish this so that I could change feet on the machine and thread the machine in grey thread.

So here is my binding:
It may be binding, but it sure isn't cut on the bias! The stripes should be on the diagonal.  I have reread the directions twice, and still can't be sure what  I did. It makes me wonder if I have ever made bias binding or have I just been fooling myself because my fabrics aren't usually so obvious?  Anyway, I'm using it.  I have used straight of grain binding on quilts for my own family so I know it will hold up well past when the child will be using this little quilt.

Then since I could rethread in grey, I started sewing the blocks for Matt's quilt:
Yup, that is one edge a good bit shorter than the one it is supposed to be sewn to! This would be less tragic if I had sewn back when I had only cut the first block.  Remember how proud I was that I was making little block "kits"? Ha! Oh well, I have ordered more atom fabric, and I only have to recut eight pieces per block. I somehow totally misread the measurement for the cut, which is ironic in this math themed quilt!

I did manage to get 2 blocks sewn:

I am a little worried, and wonder if I should quit while I am ahead today and start fresh tomorrow!

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Susan Owenby said...

I hate it when I do stuff like that! You're right - it is going to be fine and look great!