Jan 14, 2015

Hey! I Made a Jacket!

Yes, I am truly that excited about it!  Quite some time ago, I bought the pattern for the Pearl and Opal Jackets from The Sewing Workshop.  I went to The Sewing Expo with a friend and got carried away in The Sewing Workshop's booth and paid more than I ever have for a pattern.  The strange thing is that the pattern was not even close to my size, but then I guess none of them ever are.  Anyway, before Christmas I was determined to get some sewing done for me, and worked out what adjustments I needed to make to the pattern.  This was no easy task, as the pattern has some very strange pieces, and for some of them I could not figure out which way was up. I ended up taping the pieces together as they would be assembled and then grading the pieces up at the same time.  I think it is a testament to the original drafting of this pattern how well it went together even after I graded it up several sizes.

I cut out the pattern last week. I used a mystery knit fabric I bought long ago on the bargain table at G Street Fabrics. It turns out my adjustments made some of the pattern pieces too wide for my fabric, so I had to slice the pattern and cut some parts in smaller segments, and then piece them together.  The first thing I did was sew one of these segments onto the larger piece upside down.  This was really my only issue during construction.  The instructions were clear and the pattern is easy to put together.

I am very happy with the fit- the sleeves are just big enough to allow for a top underneath.  The back and shoulders feel like they are just about right.  I love the cascade in the front.

I am planning two versions of this for my SWAP this year (SWAP stands for Sewing With a Plan, an 11 piece coordinating wardrobe).  One version will be from sweatshirt fleece, with a single button, similar to this cardigan from Nordstrom.  Another will be a vest in Alabama Chanin style, as seen in this photo on The Sewing Workshop's website.  I am hoping to make my version reversible.


Alison said...

I am very very impressed with your success here, and I look forward to seeing you turn it into an Alabama Chanin style vest!

"indigotiger" from Stitchers Guild

me, Mavis said...

It fits you perfectly -- and your new hair style is adorable :-)