Jan 30, 2015

Progress in the Studio

Ok, I have to take a second and laugh at my title, because my "studio" is an easy chair in the living room for knitting and my bedroom for sewing!  Anyway, I tried to keep busy this week and make progress on multiple projects.

I turned the heel and finished the gusset decreases on Deflect.

I noticed that I did not ever blog about my feather and fan scarf.  I bought this skein of laceweight in various shades of blue, green and grey on a sheep farm in southern New Jersey on a road trip with a friend. I have lost the label, and have no earthly idea what this yarn is!   I started the scarf in late November with the intention of knitting on the train on our trip to Florida.  I wanted a small project that would be fairly mindless and not too huge to carry.  This fit the bill.  But progress is slow on a laceweight scarf.  I plan to knit until I run out of yarn, and I think I am about halfway done.

 On the sewing front, I started on my sweatshirt fleece version of the Pearl Jacket by The Sewing Workshop.  And then this happened:

Yes, that is indeed a large number painted onto the back of my jacket.  I have prewashed this fabric and then when I took it out of the dryer I folded it inside out in case I wanted to do any marking.  As a result, I did not see this large mess until I had sewn the shoulder seam and flipped it to press.  I have only tiny scraps left.  The plan at the moment is to draft a yoke for the back and flip that piece so the numbers are on the inside.  Then I will also hem my sleeves to the outside so a little cuff of the inside shows there too.

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for on the needles!


Judy S. said...

Thanks for the link to that great free sock pattern! Love the scarf, too.

Sharon Massena said...

I love the socks and have now downloaded the pattern, thanks to you sharing how it looks.

Dar said...

I like your socks and saved the pattern for when I get more experience. I did however download the scarf pattern. Thanks so much for the link. Your scarf looks pretty.