Jan 23, 2015

Sock Mania

I really love knitting socks. I've knit many pairs, yet I am still always thrilled when I turn the heel, like it is magic or something! I seem to knit in phases, like at some times I am all about sweaters, other times all I want to knit are socks. First, I finished my Bridget socks!

I am thrilled with them!

I was about to show you all of the socks I have on the needles, but when I went and looked that was 7 pairs (!!) so I will just talk about my 2 most recents starts.  First, I cast on Deflect by Hunter Hammersen.  This was for part of a knitalong where the guidelines were to knit something by Hunter.  I am knitting it in Gourmet Stash Stout Sock.

Yesterday I started the next sock in the Op Art Sock knitalong, Ludwig. I am knitting it with some Lion Brand LB1878 I dyed myself with Koolaid and some pink self striping Kertzer On Your Toes.

Also on the sock front, I darned my first sock!  My Mona socks had gotten a hole in on heel, and I was on the brink of tossing them.  Instead I tried darning.  Here is the after photo:

I'll see how these wear.  I had tried the method before that involved knitting patches, but those socks were too far gone before I started I think.

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straythreads said...

love those socks!!!! all the yarns you are using are gorgeous I love reds and pinks. I have never darned socks but with hand knits I may have to learn

swooze said...

Love your Bridget socks! Look forward to seeing more finishes.

Sharon Massena said...

I love the "Hunter socks" and they are just my color if they need a home. But just in case, I did print out the pattern.

Dar said...

I love seeing all your beautiful socks!! 7 pairs on needles all at once -- amazing!! I don't have that many needles, thank goodness. lol
I am interested in how you dyed your yarn with kool-aid. I received some unbleached alpaca yarn and wanted to dye it with bright colors.

Maggie said...

I got most of my information in a Ravelry group called What a Kool Way to Dye. There is information for using Koolaid, Easter egg dyes and also regular food coloring.

straythreads said...

love those socks! my DD would really love those socks its a great winter to knit!

Judy S. said...

Love those Bridget socks! Great job!