Apr 15, 2015

My Head is Spinning

There has been a lot going on here in my "studio"- so much, in fact, that I have not blogged because it was overwhelming to know where to start.  I decided that I would start with a summary post, and then expand on the different topics with individual posts with details and photos.

Wild Ginger Software
For my birthday last month I got software from Wild Ginger called Patternmaster Boutique.  It is software for drafting custom patterns.  I am hoping this will help me avoid the massive amounts of alterations involved when I make a standard pattern.  There is a learning curve involved, and I need to make at least 2 fitting garments to work out what measurements I need to enter to get patterns that fit.

SWAP Sewing Progress
I have made fairly good progress on my SWAP sewing.  I have finished two of the three required bottoms, two of the 5 required tops, and two of the wild cards, including a reversible Pearl vest, so the special garment is done.  I can include one previously sewn item and one ready to wear item, so I might be able to finish in the two weeks I have left.  I haven't blogged any of these completed garments, because I don't have photos.  The photos are always my big stumbling block.

Road Trip with a Fabric Theme
On the Thursday before Easter I happened to see the website for the PA Fabric Outlet, and noticed that they were having a going out of business 70% off sale.  I sent a link to my husband, mostly in a "hey this place is closing and we never got to go there" kind of way.  He responded "Let's go.  I'll take tomorrow off." Yes, he is a keeper!  Anyway, despite the fact that I had recently cataloged all of my fabrics and declared that I do not need any more, we hit Pennsylvania hard and bought a ton of stuff.  We shopped two branches of the PA Fabric Outlet.  An employee at our first PA Fabric Outlet stop suggested we also check out the Goodville Fabric outlet (their sale room is pictured below).  We also stopped at the brick and mortar for Fabric Mart.

There was also a stop for lunch and pie at Park Place Diner.  Hey my husband might be a saint but he is also human!

 New Sewing Machine
This week I got a new sewing machine.  I got a Brother LB6800PRW Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine.  I've only sewn on it for about a day, but I love it so far!

So I will work on collecting my thoughts and some photos for some more detailed posts about some of these topics in the near future.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice husband! And my favourite kind of pie. :) Thanks again for alerting me to the pattern in my sweater the other day. I was clueless before you mentioned it. And congratulations on the new machine. That's quite fancy embroidery.