Jun 7, 2015

SWAP Pattern Roundup- Self Drafted Elastic Waist Pants

Some time ago, I bought a special fitting issue of Threads magazine, because I heard about it and that there was a great article about sleeves.  I was having horrible sleeve issues, and this issue did help a ton.  Another article in this issue was about how to draft perfect fitting pants.  So I drafted this pattern way back then, and sewed some pants out of some black mystery cotton knit from JoAnns.  Those pants fit pretty well and were comfortable, but they died when I got caught on the corner of a freezer in the supermarket and ripped the crap out of them (like my undies were showing all over the store!)

I followed that with a pair of heavy cotton jersey pants.  Those fit ok, but they cling in all the wrong places.  Since that time I have been searching for a good knit to use for pants.  Just before SWAP, I ordered a piece of heavy rayon ponte knit.  Once I decided that I needed to simplify my SWAP plans, I decided to make the TNT knit pants pattern out of the ponte knit.

The first time I wore them out of the house, I was far from home, and luckily I was with relatives and I could joke about my "experimental pants".  These suckers seemed to grow more and more as the day went on, plus the elastic at the waist was not quite tight enough.  Once we got home, I wash and dried them, then took off the elastic, took in the sides at least 2 inches each and put in a shorter piece of elastic.  I have been wearing them since and things seem to be ok now.

I can't decide if I should take them in even more.  I don't want them too tight across the hips, and I don't want the legs to be too tapered.

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straythreads said...

Well done on the pants. I haven't enjoyed sewing clothes for myself since before children back when I didn't need to alter things to make them fit right. Now the challenge is finding fabrics that I want to wear. Good job on the pants.