Jun 9, 2015

SWAP Pattern Roundup- 6 Gore Skirt

My return to sewing for myself started back in 2013, when I went to Catherine's (plus size clothing store) with a coupon they had sent me, hoping to find a dress or skirt to wear to my son's graduation.  There was really nothing there for me to buy- there was one skirt in my size, and it was orange and mermaidy.  The dresses were all sleeveless and oddly embellished.

So I came home downtrodden, but resolved to make something to wear.  I found a gored skirt tutorial on Rhonda Buss' blog.  It worked fabulously! I have made 4 different versions- wovens, knits, with and without pockets, attached waistbands and zippers.

My SWAP version was a simple elastic waist, pocketless version out of black cotton jersey knit.  I had originally intended to add beading at the hem, Alabama Chanin style.  Time constraints and hand pain led me to just leave the skirt plain for now.  I might add the beading later.  For now I am enjoying wearing it with summer tops for a secret pajama-like effect. (I'm not wearing the tights this summer!)

1 comment:

weaverpat said...

Nice skirt, Maggie!
I know what you are saying about going into a store and trying to find something nice to wear that fits well too. It just doesn't happen!
Wanted to comment on the pants you were showing in the previous post. Pants are the thing that I have the most trouble getting to fit right. You dd a great job. They fit really nice. I think the legs are perfect the way they are.