Jul 28, 2015

New Foot Collection

Just after Easter, I got a new sewing machine.  It is a Brother combination sewing/embroidery machine.  Here is the link for it on Amazon.

Last week I ordered a set of 32 generic presser feet to fit my new machine.

I was counting on being able to use the map pictured above to tell what the different feet were.  I was not counting on the map being labelled in Chinese!  I spent an evening recently googling the feet names from the original Amazon listing, and putting names to feet, then finding videos to show how to use the feet.

I really want to try out most of these feet, and hopefully talk about them some on the blog.

The first foot I tried was the quarter inch foot.  I am working on a baby quilt, so I really needed a quarter inch seam for piecing.  The foot is pictured below:

As you can see, there is just the one small hole in the center, so it can only be used with a straight stitch.  It must be a centered straight stitch, too, which on my machine means moving the needle from the far left default position.

I sewed a sample, the first row was with the width set at 3.5, which moved the needle over too far and the seam was too narrow.  Setting the width to 3.0 worked perfectly!

I feel like the foot made it super easy to get a perfect quarter inch seam.  The large area of the foot held the pieces firmly so that there was not any wiggle as I sewed.  I sometimes veer a bit to one side or the other, and I did not have this problem.  I sewed the entire first set of seams for the baby quilt quickly.

I can't wait to see what else I can do with these feet!

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