Sep 15, 2015

Teddy Bears

My favorite cousin asked me to make a teddy bear from some sentimental clothing items for her soon to be grandchild.  I had never made a teddy bear, but I am not able to tell this cousin "no" so I went for it.

I found a pattern I liked  thanks to the site How Joyful.  But I wanted to make a practice bear before touching that sentimental clothing.  So I decided to make a practice bear for my grand niece Nessa.
I found a piece of red stretch velour that I had left over from a robe I  made for my mom.  To avoid having it look too Christmas themed, I embroidered some flowers on the fabric in purple and white.

The pattern instructions said this is not for beginners, and I agree with that.  There were some tricky parts that did not go together quite as I expected, but I made it work.  I love the way it turned out!

So then I got brave and was ready to cut out the commissioned bear.  By this time we knew that the baby was a girl, so we could concentrate on the  girly fabrics.  I cut out pieces to make a patchwork sort of bear.

This version went together much easier than the first, I am so glad I practiced!


weaverpat said...

Oh my gosh! Those bears are cute!
I love the embroidery on the red one.

Maggie, I'm still in awe of your wardrobe project. Is it finished or is it an ongoing thing?

Maggie said...

Thanks Pat! I am indeed slowly but surely still working on the wardrobe. I made two shirts last week -I need to get photos so I can blog.