Oct 2, 2015

On the Needles Friday Oct 2, 2015

For some crazy reason, I have been looking at poncho patterns for ages, and wanting to try one.  Two things stopped me: 1- I was not sure I wouldn't look like a lunatic in a poncho and 2-most poncho patterns have miles and miles of knitting, which I was not willing to do in case I looked like a lunatic! I kept seeing photos of ponchos, and I thought I would end up sewing one to try the shape on me.  Then Julie gave me a knitting machine! I can knit miles in a day.  So I decided to make my poncho fantasies come true.

I found some sample poncho knitting patterns, and the ones that seemed the most doable to me were made from 2 long rectangles.  Julie had also given me cones of yarn passed on from the machine's original owner, so I chose this cone of burgundy wool/silk blend in laceweight.  I originally thought I would add some lace patterning to the body of the poncho, but the lace carriage of the machine kept breaking the yarn, so I kept it simple instead.  These rectangles ended up being over 200,000 stitches and took me only a few days to knit.  I seamed them together, and I think I will like wearing this!

The thing about pieces that are all stockinette like this, they want to roll up something fierce.  To remedy this issue, I decided to use the yarn doubled and knit edgings onto the poncho.  So far I knit a garter stitch edge onto the neckline.

Now I am working on a lace border on the bottom, based on a stitch pattern called fan shell I found in my Barbara Walker  book, "A Treasury of Knitting Patterns".

I am so glad to have this additional practice on the knitting machine.  I tried a new way to bind off that I found in the instruction book, and this new way leads to way less trouble with dropped stitches.  This makes me really happy.

Hopefully I will get some modelled photos of the poncho before next Friday.  Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for on the needles Friday!


Ramona said...

I'd love to knit a poncho, too, and have the same misgivings that you do. Using your knitting machine is a great idea! I'm looking forward to seeing your finished poncho.

Suzanne said...

I was kind of the thought that I wore poncho's back in the 60's and should not return to that style, but now you have me re-thinking that idea. Beautiful color for your project.

Dar said...

You used a beautiful color of yarn for your first poncho. I'm sure it will drape nicely and look much better than you thought. How nice to be given a knitting machine. I've never seen one of these in action.

Judy S. said...

What a fun and useful "toy"! I saw a knitting machine demonstrated recently and it was so impressively fast. I "cured" my poncho desires by knitting a small one for my GD and got to see her wear it while we were in Chicago. Nice to make something and see it used!

weaverpat said...

Hi Maggie! You brave woman! You've tackled the dreaded knitting machine!
I have a serious love/hate relationship with those things. I'm glad it's working well for you.
I think a poncho is a great knitting machine project. Love the yarn you chose.
Can't wait to see it finished with you modeling it.