Oct 23, 2015

On the Needles Friday, Oct 23, 2015

I was living in a state of denial this week.  Last week I finished the back of my Mindy cardigan, and then I knit all of the icord edging on. In my little dream world, this sweater was nearly done!  But only in my dream world!  Unless this was a sweater vest, the reality is that I only had one sleeve!

I had knit the first sleeve back when I started this sweater.  But the truth is, I hate knitting sleeves.  Because of this I ignored the fact that I only had the one sleeve.  

One night earlier this week when I had finished the whole edging, I cast on for that second sleeve.  I was feeling optimistic and asked my husband "Do you think I can finish this by Saturday?"  He blurted out "No."  He was being realistic, because this is what my sleeve looked like:

He is right.  Now I am just hoping I can finish this month!

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Ramona said...

It will feel so good to finish the second sleeve and the sweater. Looking forward to seeing your finish!