Oct 24, 2015

Farmer's Wife Quilt Week 4

This week we made three blocks for the quiltalong!

First, we made Old Maid, the block on the left in the photo above.  This one was fairly easy, made entirely of triangles of two different sizes.  My main difficulty with this block was just trying to figure out how to line up the fabrics.  I used the yellow polka dot carried over from the last block, and added the red print.

Then we made Susannah and Katherine.  Both of these blocks have the element of a rectangle with a triangle pieced on the end.  For Susannah, I carried the red print over from Old Maid, and added the low volume red and white print, as well as the large scale green print.  I had a really tough time on the Susannah block, getting those center triangles right.

I can't wait to see what blocks we do next week.  I can't believe we are done about 10% of the blocks!

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Jennifer said...

Your blocks a beautiful and I love your fabric choices.