Oct 7, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Oct 7 2015 - Necktie Pillows

I have a commission to make some pillows from a rather extensive collection of really nice ties. I've sewn with ties before, so I know that they are a pain to sew with, being cut on the bias. So I decided that I should string piece these ties onto a muslin background for stability. I also knew that I did not want to repeat any ties within any given pillow, so to accomplish that I am only working on one or two at a time.

I started by opening up all of the ties and pulling out the facings and interfacings.  I ironed the ties in batches just before I cut them.  I have so far only processed about 50 ties.  I will add some more newly processed ties as I move on to more of the pillows.  Then I rotary cut some strips of various widths, mostly between 1.5 and 3 inches.

Then I sewed the strips onto the muslin background, which I had cut into 9.75 inch squares.  

After covering the foundation with the ties, I trimmed the blocks square and then sewed 4 smaller blocks together.  I am really quite happy with these!

Next I need to cover some cording for the edges and sew the pillows together.  I am backing these with wool suiting in a dark navy.

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me, Mavis said...

you should be quite happy! that is beautiful, professional work. YAY!

weaverpat said...

Maggie, your tie project is interesting. Like the way you made the block.

I have a question: have you used Amy Herzog's Custon Fit patterns?
If so, have they worked well for you?
I got an email offering a buy one, get one free and am considering it.

Maggie said...

Hi Pat! I have used Amy Herzog's customfit, I was one of the testers. I have used it to knit sweaters for me, as well as for me, Mavis, the commenter above you! I found it worked well for me, I get great fit through the shoulders which has been an issue for me. After my first sweater, I have been adding to the hip measurements, because Amy likes negative ease in the hips and I don't like negative ease anywhere!!

I am not an hourglass, I am more a-line, and the program correctly works with that. (The measurement chart it gives you looks odd, essentially it is moving the smallest part to up under your boobs.) (None of this will be an issue for you if you are not shaped like me!) Also, some people seem to have issues with sweaters coming out short- I know how long I like my tops, so that is how long I make them in sewing or knitting, no matter what the pattern says- so just double check lengths.

weaverpat said...

Thanks, Maggie. I think I'll try it.
I am shaped a-line too. Smaller in the shoulders, getting bigger through boobs and waist, and biggest in the hips.
And lots of positive ease! I noticed Amy likes her sweaters small and tight.
I think Zip and I will try to get to Brusnwick on the 24th.

Lisa said...

This is beautiful! I need to try one myself!