Oct 9, 2015

Farmer's Wife 1930s Quiltalong, week 2

This week we sewed the Betty and Caroline blocks.  Both of these blocks are made up of triangles.  I foundation paper pieced both of these, and I am happy with the results.  I rough cut triangles,  mostly to keep from having any of my pieces go crazy off grain.

This is Caroline on the left and Betty on the right.  I carried the red in Betty over from the Aunt block from last week.  Then I carried the low volume yellow print from Betty over into Caroline.  I like the solids, I might have to order more of them if I find myself trying to put a solid in every block!

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weaverpat said...

The quilt blocks look nice.

But the big question is...did you get another kitty???
He/she's a beauty!

Maggie said...

Hey Pat! This is my grandcat, Stella. She belongs to my eldest son, so she came to live with us when he moved back home last year. She is a sweetie, and very vocal. She chirps at us all the time.

Laney said...

Hi Maggie! I came over from WIP Wed. Your blocks look great! I have a black and white cat, too - don't you love the way they help with the sewing?

Maggie said...

I have an orange tabby too. The black and white likes to lay on fabric, the orange loves to tear the corners off of paper. They are oh so helpful!

Frances said...

I haven't started the FW, but in my Pre-planning, I was thinking solids would be a necessity. Great helper