Jun 21, 2006

About my Avatar

This is my avatar, both here and in my Etsy shop. Many people have a picture either of themselves or something they sell....but not me. I do not sell quilts- I am still at the stage where I am giving them all away to friends and family. But this quilt has special meaning for me and for my business. This quilt is a quilt I made for a special pink ribbon quilt category in a local quilt show. It was in honor of my two grandmothers- my mother's mother and stepmother- who were sisters and both died from breast cancer.

To me, this quilt made in their honor makes me feel like I have their support in my endeavors, even though I never met one of them, and the other died when I was 5. I know they were both very strong independent women. My grandmother was a doctor when women rarely attained that profession, and the mother to 4 little girls. My stepgrandmother took over the mothering and was a wonderful school teacher. This quilt reminds me to follow the trails they helped blaze for me.

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Etsy Sellers Who Blog said...

the story behind your avatar is very inspiring. welcome to the blog ring and i look forward to reading about all your crafty endeavours! p.s. thank you for the lovely comment you posted on the ring home blog. please check out my own crafty blog sometime when you have the chance: http://ubercherry.blogspot.com

thanks! :)