May 24, 2010

Art Quilts now Online at Chickadee Friends Studio!

Karen, my business partner at Chickadee Friends Studio, has been so very patient with me, I need to publicly thank her. She has been super productive and supplying me with a bunch of art quilts to sell. I very diligently mounted them for hanging, and rotated a handful through my spot in a brick and mortar store where people could see them in person. I was just super horrible about getting them onto our website. Anyone checking out Chickadee Friends Studio before last week saw a handful of quilt photos with no description and titled "quilt 1". I had wanted to have something up there, just as a sort of placeholder while I finished working on photos and descriptions. I did not predict how busy I would get and how long it would be before it was a proper website. So, thanks, Karen, for your patience and for remaining my friend through all my personal foibles.

Last week, the weather turned beautiful, so I took my tripod out to my back yard and took a boatload of quilt pictures. The week before, while the weather was rainy, I measured quilts and wrote descriptions for them. THis is just a few of the fabulous quilts now nicely displayed on Chickadee Friends Studio:

Also, there are just a few days (until May 27th) to enter a giveaway on my friend Tara's blog to win these really cute earrings:


storybeader said...

great looking quilts - love the Asian inspired one!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Oh my gosh, that first quilt is to die for!

Thank you for hosting my Entrecard ad today.

Split Rock Ranch said...

PS - the link to Chickadee Friends Studio doesn't pull up any photos, etc.

Maggie said...

Oops, let this be a cautionary tale: put your domain names on auto renew!