Feb 17, 2011

Flashback Friday

First of all, I want to include this photo, as yesterday would have been his birthday:

I was in a funk all day, I think because of this, plus the fact that on that day last year, mom went into the hospital.

On another flashback note, I have been gradually mailing my mystery bag of film off to Snapfish for developing. Today they posted this old photo:

I am not positive what year this was, but my kids are now 16 and 21, so definitely this was many moons ago. We had gone to the B+O Train Museum, which let me tell you was a wonderful haven for little boys! In many of the photos the little redhead is just a blur, he was running around so excitedly. The day even included a ride on a train pulled by Thomas the Tank Engine!(and I notice that you can still get that ride today, but I don't guess either kid would still be interested.)

Flashback courtesy of Christopher and Tia:

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