Mar 5, 2011

Feeling the Sock Love

new sock book!!! by magscrafts
new sock book!!! a photo by magscrafts on Flickr.
So I already mentioned here in this space before, that the knitting bug has hit me hard in the past year. In January, I purchased the book This is an absolutely beautiful book full of sock patterns, with amazing artistic photography for each sock.

I then joined a group on Ravelry that is focused on knitting each and every of the 19 (yes, 19!!) sock patterns within this book. We start one each month (I tend to stay up until midnight and cast on as soon as its legal.) and we have 2 months to knit each pair, so there is overlapping of the schedule.

In January I knit Hedera:

The sock of the month for February was Monkey. I loved Monkey so much that after I finished this pair:

I cast on this pair:

Now in March, we started Thelonius. I made this set of stitch markers to keep me on track.

Here is my cast-on photo of Thelonius:
I am much further along now, working on the heel of that sock, praying I have enough yarn to get me to the tip of the toes.

So my sock frenzy has gotten me working on some knitting related stuff for my business as well. I offer stitch markers for sale, and I made this banner and placed an ad on Ravelry to drum up some more business for my stitch markers.

I also have plans to make some project bags and needle rolls, partly to stop my mad addiction to carrying everything around in zip lock bags. I am working out a design that will let me easily hang my project bag on the arm of my chair while I sit at football practice, but also let my buddy Ruth hang hers from her belt while she stands at auctions and knits. (It was Ruth's attempt at hanging her project off her belt in a ziplock bag that led me down this path originally, so she gets free prototypes to test out.)

So watch this space for product updates, as well as reports on my knitalong progress.

Oh, and my apologies for anyone who goes to sign up for my business newsletter and is annoyed by the captcha. I never used one before, but some moron signed up for my newsletter like 1300 times with trashy gmail addresses, so it called for drastic measures. Sorry!


Carolyn said...

I headed over to your flickr account to see the pictures. I love the stitch markers you're making!

Maggie said...

Thanks! They are a lot of fun.

me, Mavis said...

I've loved your millefiori markers because they are delicate and don't get in the way, and because they are sterling, won't make a rusty mess on an idle project. Now, the # and letter markers will serve double-duty to find your way in a complicated chart!