Feb 13, 2014

Fearless February Sewalong

First, I wanted to show off the Acorn Trail cardigan I finished this week for my good friend Ruth:

And here's the back:

Ok, on to my intended topic.  I decided some time back to join in on the Fearless February Sewalong  over at the Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing blog.  The point of the sewalong is to take on a project/process that you have been avoiding because of fear.  The guidelines really hit home for me, because I have been planning to make a coat, yet doing everything I could think of to avoid working on it.

So I made a practice version out of muslin fabric to test the multitude of changes I need to make to the pattern.  The sleeves took 3 tries.

  Finally I was ready to cut the real coat fabric! But I was scared again.  I got the kick in the butt I needed when Ruth and I went to buy sweater buttons, and I found the perfect buttons to use on my coat.  They were not cheap buttons, so now I really feel like I cannot let this project languish.

Today I spent my snowy afternoon cutting out my coat and transferring the markings using tailor tacks.

Tomorrow, the sewing begins!

Linking up to Patchwork Times for on the needles!


me, Mavis said...

I am so excited to see your coat

Ramona said...

Your friends sweater is just beautiful. The cabling is gorgeous! Good luck with your coat. We do need a kick on occasion, don't we??

Judy Laquidara said...

Love your Acorn Trail. That one's in my favorites.

straythreads said...

Beautiful Sweater!! love the cable pattern Good luck with your coat so glad there are sites to help. I often cringe at the directions written by inexperienced sewers on craft patterns

Judy S. said...

Beautiful sweater! Lucky friend! I also like your coat fabric. Good luck with it!

Beth said...

Beautiful sweater. Have fun with your SAL

BeaJay said...

What a great friend you are to knit such a lovely cardi for your friend. I am not a knitter - that is a skill that I never learnt. You have done such a great job. Really looking forward to seeing your sewing.