Thursday, May 22, 2014


I am trying to knit my way through the book Op Art Socks by Stephanie van der Linden.  This is the second book I am knitting through- I have almost knit all of the socks in by CookieA.  (That one is evidently a collector's item based on the Amazon pricing!)

I am knitting Op Art Socks with a group, and the April/May sock is Albers.  Albers is knit in a very unique way- you start by knitting squares, then join them together with stair step modules.  At some point my sock looked like this:

...and to be honest I could not imagine how on earth this was a sock!

Then I sewed up the leg seam and knit the heel and sole, and it did turn into a sock, but one that was already longer than my foot before I even knit the toes!

To fix this issue, I sewed a double row of stitching on my sewing machine around the sock where you see the orange marker on my foot.  I cut the end off the sock (eek!), and then picked up stitches on the edge and knit the toes.  This gave me a wearable sock.  Now I just need to finish the other one!

Linking up with Patchwork Times, on the needles!

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Cool. Socks!