May 25, 2015

SWAP Pattern Roundup - Lekala 5652 Raglan Sleeved Top

I made the Raglan top, Lekala 5652 as the first top I made for SWAP.  As soon as I started taping the pattern pieces together, I had that old sinking feeling "this is going to be too short".  Since I am over 6 ft tall, I am well used to that feeling.  But this was REALLY short.  Like my bra would probably have been hanging out the bottom.

I probably should have abandoned ship at that point, but I am a stubborn soul, plus I did not have another raglan pattern to use.  So I just started slicing the pattern and spreading to get the measurements I needed.  I also needed to add width pretty much everywhere, too.  I guess the pattern was actually for a skin tight crop top raglan!

  Tada!  I can wear it at least, and in fact am wearing it right this moment.  I do not think I will make it again though. Maybe just as pajamas.   Also I am not entirely sure  I have not reversed it front to back.  I might try wearing it backwards before I put it back in the wash.

The struggles with this top were what led me to buy the Wild Ginger pattern software, and I am at least happy for that.

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