Jun 3, 2015

SWAP Pattern Roundup - The Sewing Workshop Pearl Jacket

I blogged some time ago about my wearable muslin of this pattern here.  I loved the fit of it, and got a remarkable amount of wear out of it.  My SWAP included two versions of this jacket.

First, was a regular version to be made from sweatshirt fleece- black on one side burgundy on the other.  As I was sewing the pieces of this jacket together, I noticed that I had missed seeing that there was a number painted on the fabric.  It was right on the back by the armhole!

I asked around on the internet for advice on what to do about this, and someone cleverly suggested that cut a yoke on the back and flip the numbers to the inside.  So that is what I did, plus I cuffed the sleeves to the outside too and hemmed the casing at the collar to the outside.  I hoped doing it in multiple places would make it look intentional.  I love how this jacket turned out, and wore the heck out of it this cold winter!

I added the button to copy this jacket I had seen on Nordstrom's website.

The SWAP guidelines included that we had to make either a reversible item or one from repurposed materials.  I decided that I would make a vest version of the Pearl Jacket, and make it with black and grey jersey, sewn so as to be reversible.  My original plan included doing reverse applique on the grey side, but I have not done that yet. I think it will be really cute for layering in the Fall!

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JoAnne Lowe said...

I love this jacket! Very flattering. Nice work. (Digging out my pattern now)