Jun 9, 2015

SWAP Pattern Roundup- Boat Neck Tops

I mentioned in a few previous posts that I purchased Wild Ginger PatternMaster Boutique Software (PMB).  I decided to try to use the software to try to generate some top patterns for SWAP.  I will add a disclaimer at this point- the instructions tell you that the first thing you are to do is make two fitting garments- pants and a dress.  I have yet to make these garments.  So I really am not complaining about the fact that I am finding all the "tweaks" that I need the hard way.  I also could have saved myself some trouble by comparing the patterns I generated to the tshirt pattern I had been using.

So the first shirt pattern I generated was a sweetheart neckline tee.  I chose the "tshirt" option under type of blouse.  This turned out to be a problem.  To me it seems that tshirt in this software means huge amounts of ease.  Essentially I took about 4 inches out of each side by resewing the entire underarm seam from the hem of the sleeve to the hem of the shirt.  I ended up with a wearable shirt, but I just tossed the pattern afterwards. (and the neckline is slightly wide, I think I will add some loops to keep my bra straps from showing!)

At that point I decided that I would try a boat neck top.  I had some nice pink cotton jersey from Stylish Fabrics.  This shirt had some major issues.  The sleeve cap seemed way too high, and the shoulder seems were very narrow.  I definitely have broad shoulders, and I needed to correct for that.  So I regenerated the pattern with wider shoulder seams, and took out some of the height in the sleeve cap.  I had enough fabric to make part of the shirt, so what I did was cut off the bottom of the old shirt, remake the shirt from the unused fabric, but only to just below the bust.  Then I sewed the new top piece to the old bottom, and topstitched with my twin needle.  (This top was my first time using twin needles!)

Once I had the pattern worked out, I made another version, in this floral knit from the Goodville Fabric outlet.  When I bought it I thought it was grey, now I am pretty sure it is more blue.  Anyway, I have no idea what this stuff is, but the top fits great and feels wonderful.

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