Mar 31, 2009

Taking a Break

My hands are killing me. I went to hand therapy years ago for an inflammation in my thumbs from repetitive motion in a job I had in a laboratory. I have no idea what is messing them up at the moment. I am trying to take a couple of days off, but am discovering that we use our thumbs for EVERYTHING!

Anyway it does not hurt to type, so maybe I will catch up on my computer tasks. First- here are my top Entrecard droppers for March!

The Junk Drawer
Youniquely Chic

My gypsygoods
Kids Toys
Pat's Encaustics - Art in the Wax
The Frugal Housewife
John Wright Art
On The Bricks
Tips and News on Healthy Lifestyle

Ok, now I am going to go list some stuff on my sites. It can't sell if no one knows I have it!


On a Whimsey said...

Thanks for the mention!

Maggie said...

you're welcome, Pat! I enjoy seeing your work each day when I drop by and I love the ACEO I got from you!

JT said...

You're welcome!!! I look forward to stopping by your blog every night.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Been there with the thumb thing. Take it easy!

Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

i had the worst carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. i stopped eating wheat and it went away completely!

Judy said...

How well I know that you can do absolutely nothing without thumbs! I have suffered from the same ailment for nearly a year. Doctor has tried different things to no avail. He did suggest hot paraffin treatments and they help temporarily. If you come up with a suggestion, I'd be more than happy to hear it! Take care!